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Customized coaching to knock out the competition
Brand and Messaging Strategy | Knockout Marketing Strategies

Brand and Messaging Strategy | Get in the Right Ring

Fighters don’t just jump into any ring. Gender, age, and weight class combine to determine the correct arena.


It’s hard to win in the wrong ring.


Let Knockout Marketing Strategies put you in the right ring — the ring where you and your company can compete and win. We’ll scope out the competition, segment the market, and target the right ring for you, focusing on your unique strengths, values, and personality.


  • Brand review, including touchpoints analysis and recommendation
  • Corporate story analysis and editing
  • Corporate story creation
  • Group and individual brand coaching

Campaign Development and Execution | Knockout Marketing Strategies

Campaign Development and Execution | Prepare for the Fight

Some fighters may be ready to throw down anytime, anywhere, but great fighters know they need to prepare to fight at their best. Training intelligently, understanding the competition, and bringing the right gear to the match is the best predictor of success.


Fights are rarely won with a single technique, and the same goes for marketing. A great fighter has a full repertoire of techniques, and a great marketer takes advantage of a deep toolkit of assets and approaches.


You need a great fight strategy. You need a great campaign strategy.


Knockout Marketing Strategies understands what it takes to compete. We can build a varied toolkit of powerful and effective techniques to ensure your company comes out on top. We don’t fall in love with any single methodology — like any good fighter, we mix it up to keep our opponent guessing and our fans cheering.


  • Integrated campaign planning
  • Execution support
  • Metrics development and reporting

Personal Branding and Executive Speaker Training | Knockout Marketing Strategies

Personal Branding and Executive Speaker Training | Listen to Your Coach

It’s said that every strategy survives until the first punch is thrown. Ego gets in the way — the grappler decides to try to throw with the boxer. The technician decides to brawl. It never goes well.


Successful fighters know how to survive the emotions and follow the plan that is uniquely designed for them.


A winning fighter listens to the steady and experienced voice of the coach in the corner. Knockout Marketing Strategies provides that calm and skillful voice, borne of years of experience helping leaders develop their personal brand and deliver outstanding presentations to audiences of every size, in every venue.


  • Personal brand exploration and development
  • Group and individual public speaking coaching
  • 1:1 keynote preparation and coaching
  • Speechwriting

Intentional Culture© | Knockout Marketing Strategies

Intentional Culture© | It's All about Teamwork

It’s never just the fighter in the ring who wins: coaches, training partners, and countless others contribute to success.


Never underestimate the power of a strong, deliberate culture.


Through intensive face-to-face sessions, Knockout Marketing Strategies leads teams to coalesce around a common vision and common values, helping them forge the pillars of culture that ensure healthy discourse and deliberate growth. Instead of letting culture just happen, build a foundation that drives real success and tells your story your way. 


  • Intentional Culture team meetings
  • 1:1 culture coaching
  • Employee communications strategy and writing

Keynote and Breakout Inspiration | Knockout Marketing Strategies

Keynote and Breakout Inspiration | Train with a Pro

Even the best fighters can learn from others. Watching films, jumping in the ring with a veteran—there is always something new to learn from those who have been in the ring for years.


A smart fighter listens to the stories of those who have gone before.


It’s said that smart people learn from their own mistakes, but wise people learn from others’ mistakes. Knockout Marketing Strategies’ founder and principal, Cindy Villanueva, delivers winning keynote and breakout sessions designed to help all audiences courageously confront limiting beliefs and instead construct a life of passion, achievement, and joy.


In the keynote, Wait…Is that MY Hand Holding Me Back?, Cindy uses her experiences as a college dropout, an unwed teen mom, and a divorced woman trying to make ends meet while raising her children to describe her own journey of self-awareness to black belt excellence. Her story will bring you face to face with the ways we all “get in our own way,” and offer a blueprint for a new way of thinking about personal and professional growth.


In the keynote, Finding Your Passion: Getting from ‘Have-to’ to ‘Want-to’, Cindy explores the question of whether, in the thick of everyday living—paying bills, raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder—is it really possible to find passion and live a life of meaning and fulfillment?


  • Keynotes for diverse groups
  • Leadership breakout sessions for groups of all sizes